(Muok Ratego)

Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities

Fundamental Beliefs


The power of youth and women

To directly participate in transforming society


Integration and cohesion

To promote inclusive growth and shared prosperity



To establish a culture governed by the rule of law


Healthy and well-fed population

To foster sustainable development


Jobs through manufacturing and processing

To generate lasting prosperity for the community


Education and the digital economy

To build understanding, peaceful co-existence, and well-being

“I’m with Eddy because…I worked as a teacher for 30 years. We need a young person who values education and  supports this nation’s educators like myself. “

“I’m with Eddy because… I’m a young man with a bright future. We need a youthful representative who cares about the future of  young Migorians and will secure it for posterity.”

“I’m with Eddy because… I’m a mother and a business owner. We need a Senator who knows our struggle and has a proven track record of changing lives by supporting women entrepreneurs like myself.”

Core Values


We have faith in our people and put their needs first

Transparency & Accountability

We commit ourselves to be transparent and responsible

Community Engagement

We consistently involve all of the people and seek consensus in all we do


We harness our diversity and ensure opportunity for all

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