About Migori County


Southwest Kenya (South Nyanza)


Approximately 1.4M People





Economic Drivers

Mining, Agriculture, Tourism, Hydropower Generation

Leading Education Institutions

Kanga High, Rapogi High, Ulanda High, Migori Teachers College, Rongo University, Moi Nyabohanse

Why Eddy for Senator of Migori?


Migori has suffered under the weight of corruption. We will establish innovative accountability and proper oversight mechanisms for Migori’s governance.


Migori has not brought in the levels of direct investment that residents expect. We will attract and retain domestic and international investors to make Migori a business hub.


Lack of fidelity to the law has led to theft and poverty. We will work to influence holistic legislations in parliament and make Migori a model for respect of the rule of law.


Lack of stewardship has led to escalating cost of living, surging unemployment levels, a poor health care system, and insecurity in urban centers. We will fight against corruption which is the root cause of these challenges.


Migori County must also confront its insufficient economic policies and planning. Our administration will work to strike a balance between both short-term gains and long-term development goals.


We promise to stop leakages and wastage of County Government resources but will also work closely with the County Government to channel resources into the county and create economic opportunities.

100-Day Pledge

Upon winning the election we will: (1) assess the allocation of resources by the previous county government through a comprehensive audit, (2) establish a comprehensive assets map for the county to inform the new government’s priorities, (3) work within constitutional channels to stop major leakages of local tax revenues, (4) and use increased revenues to negotiate wage subsidies with local businesses to create 1,000 jobs for youth and women.

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